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    Dr. Todd Riggan has been wonderful with the large variety of pets that I have brought to him over the past 15 years.  He has seen for our rescue group guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, rats, gerbils, mice, hedgehogs, rats, degus and a prairie dog.  He has also seen my dogs, cats, and bunnies.  He was able to keep one of my rabbits alive years longer than anyone thought possible (including Dr. Todd!).  There is a guinea pig who has had multiple surgeries due to multiple health issues but is still alive and happy. We adopted out a chinchilla who survived due to Dr. Todd’s persistence in finding a medication that worked for her.  He has neutered spayed bunnies, guinea pigs and chinchillas for our group. Sometime I present him with patients that have unusual issues, and require some time and research to treat, but he will persist until he finds an answer.  I never hesitate to recommend him to anyone who asks for a veterinary recommendation.

    Kim Meyer
    Austin Guinea Pig Rescue

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    Dr. Todd Riggan and the staff of Whiterock Veterinary Hospital have been providing exemplary care to our rescued animals for close to fifteen years. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Riggan for his dedication and devotion to the cause of helping animals in need.  

    Although we relocated our sanctuary from Austin to the Bastrop area several years ago, we still drive almost a hundred miles to insure our rescued animals continue to receive the best possible veterinary care. Dr. Riggan is arguably the best rabbit veterinarian in Texas, and he treats all of our animals like they were his own.

    We could go on and on about how much we appreciate the way Dr. Riggan and his staff go to great lengths to insure the health and well being of their furry patients. The following example is one of many we could share. Early one morning we found Samson, one of our rescued dogs suffering from bloat and a twisted stomach that had occurred some time during the night. I called Dr. Riggan at sunrise, and he told us to bring Samson in right away. Samson was a senior Chow, approximately fifteen years old at the time, and his chances of surviving the major surgery he needed were estimated to be around fifteen percent. We’ll never forget how Dr. Riggan was standing in the middle of the shopping mall parking lot in front of the clinic waiting for us to pull up, not wanting to waist a moment of time. Long story short, Dr. Riggan beat the odds and saved Samson’s life that day.

    Dr. Riggan and his staff are wonderful people, exceptional professionals, and valued friends!

    Stan Gove

    Founder & Director, Vision Hills Sanctuary

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    My wife and I have had dogs and rabbits in our lives for over 42 years.  In that time we have lived in many locations across the nation.  I can say without a doubt Dr. Todd Riggan is the very best veterinarian we have ever worked with.  Dr. Todd’s diagnostic knowledge is superior, but the thing that sets him and his staff apart is their obvious compassion for every animal they work with.  During our 20+ years in Austin we have had our share of dog and bunny illnesses and each time Dr. Todd has put a recovery plan in place that takes an initial conservative approach.  I live in Lakeway and gladly drive the 45 minutes to take all our pets to White Rock Veterinary Hospital in Pflugerville because I want the best.

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    We are relatively new White Rock patients, but we are now FOREVER White Rock patients!  In the past, we had a vet that we used for several years.  He was a good vet.  We were “okay” with the service, but that is before we realized what a truly remarkable veterinarian practice was like. From the moment we walk in the door with our fur babies, we are made to feel special and part of the White Rock family.  From the front desk staff, to the vet techs, to, of course, Dr. Riggan, we know our four legged kiddos are genuinely loved.  Our animals are known by name, loved on, and treated with ultimate care and respect.   I have often said I can get a feel for someone the way our human children 😉 react to them.  I can say the same for our furry children, and ours LOVE the staff at WRV.  To see our big ole lab, Major,  trot off happily with the techs is a FAR cry from the way he used to behave at our previous vet’s office.  It makes me sad when I think of how I thought it was just normal for Major to have to be muzzled and restrained just for a shot.  🙁

    Sadly, earlier this year, we lost a puppy we only had for ten months that we were very attached to.  He was just not wired right from the get go and Dr. Riggan was so thorough and compassionate in his care for Shiner.  Dr. Riggan and his staff treated our family with as much care and compassion as he did for Shiner.  As much as we loved and cherished Shiner and miss him tremendously, we know that with Dr. Riggans help, we made the right decision for our boy.

    I simply could go on and on about the “amazingness” of WRV! We are proud to be part of their family!  If you are shopping around for veterinary care, you cannot go wrong with White Rock Veterinary Hospital!